LIFE WITH LUCY starring Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon

LIFE WITH LUCY starring Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon

A great find for fans of Lucille Ball.  A very rare look at Lucy’s very last TV sitcom.  While it only lasted a few weeks it is still great fun. Most of the episodes were written and supervised by longtime Lucy writers Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Davis, who had previously worked on I Love Lucy in the 1950s, The Lucy Show in the 1960s, and Here's Lucy in the 1970s.  Because it was cancelled before the end of a complete season, this series has never been seen in syndication.  Only 8 of these 13 show were ever aired making it an even more rare find BECAUSE this set features ALL 13 SHOWS.  

Ball played a widowed grandmother who had inherited her husband's half-interest in a South Pasadena, California hardware store (the other half being owned by his partner, Curtis McGibbon, played by Gale Gordon). Lucy's character insisted on "helping" in the store, even though when her husband was alive she had taken no part in the business and hence knew nothing about it. The unlikely partners were also in-laws, her daughter being married to his son, and all of them, along with their young grandchildren, lived together.

Life With Lucy's premiere episode on September 20 made the Nielsen's Top 25 (#23 for the week) for its week; however, subsequent episodes dropped steadily in viewership. It ranked only 73rd out of 79 shows for the season (the seventh lowest rated show on TV), with a 9.0/16 rating/share. The short-lived show was never syndicated, nor was it ever released on home video. Biographies of the actress reveal that she was reportedly devastated by the show's failure, and never again attempted another series or feature film; her subsequent interviews and other TV appearances were extremely infrequent

Besides these 13 episodes which featured great guest stars like John Ritter, Peter Graves, Audrey Meadows and many more this set also includes a very special features showing Lucy’s very rare appearances on the Joan Rivers and Merv Griffin Show. 

LIFE WITH LUCY starring Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon
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