The Eddie Capra Mysteries is a 1978–1979 mystery television series starring Vincent Baggetta as a lawyer who investigates murders and has a knack for solving them. Original episodes aired from September 8, 1978, to January 12, 1979.

Eddie Capra was an impulsive and unorthodox attorney with the Los Angeles firm of Devlin, Linkman & O'Brien who seemed to see his job as being as much of a detective as a lawyer. Every episode would chronicle a strange and puzzling murder, the perpetrator of which would be doggedly tracked down and captured by Eddie using his skills as an investigator and the assistance of secretary Lacey and legman Harvey.

Disc 1

Murder, Murder
Dirge For a Dead Dachshund

Disc 2

The Intimate Friends of Janet Wilde
How Do I Kill Thee?

Disc 3

The Two Million Dollar Stowaway
Where There’s Smoke

Disc 4

Breakout to Murder
Murder on the Flip Side

Disc 5

Nightmare at Pendragon’s Castle

Eddie Capra Mysteries
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