GUNSMOKE - Old Time Radio Shows - CD Set - Vol. 1


Old Time Radio Shows - Available from NOSTALGIA MERCHANT. Gunsmoke was set in Dodge City, Kansas between 1872, when the Santa Fe Railroad reached town, and 1885, when local farmers forced the end of the Texas cattle drives along the Western Trail. Dodge City, known as the "Queen of the Cow Towns," the "Wicked Little City," the "Gomorrah of the Plains," had a reputation as a hostile, lawless town where the "fastest gun" ruled. As the opening of the show proclaimed: "Around Dodge City and in the territory on west, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers and that's with a U.S. Marshal and the smell of gunsmoke." DIGITALLY REMASTERED AND RESTORED.

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer, Howard McNear
16 half-hour shows with original commercials. THIS IS AN AUDIO CD SET (Compact Disc)


Episode Titles:


Never Bother Chester – 7-5-52, The Kentucky Tolmans – 8-9-52, Shakespeare – 8-23-52, The Juniper Tree – 8-30-52, The Brothers – 9-6-52, Drop Dead – 9-20-52, Cain – 10-3-52, Hink-Do – 10-10-52, Lochinvar – 10-17-52, The Mortgage – 10-24-52, Overland Express – 10-31-52, Tara – 11-7-52, Fingered – 11-21-52, Kitty – 11-29-52, I Don’t Know – 12-6-52, Post Martin – 12-13-52.

Gunsmoke Classic Radio Shows - Vol. 1 CD Set
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