THE WAC FROM WALLA WALLA - Judy Canova, Stephen Dunne, George Cleveland, June Vincent, Irene Ryan

In this musical comedy, a rambunctious small-town girl inadvertently joins the Army and decides to make the best of it.  It is a laugh a minute and the Army will never be the same.


Eddie MacIntyre is a press agent, talent scout and right-hand man to J.R.Russell, Producer/Director of Perfection Pictures, is planning a scheme in which he will "plant" his girl friend, actress Esther Harrington in the Ozark mountains and then "discover" her for the role of "Ruthybelle" in Perfection's upcoming production, "Thunder Over the Ozarks." With the full approval of Nicholas Raptis, Goldwynian president of Perfection Pictures, Eddie farms Esther out to a hillbilly family where she is to remain until she is "discovered"---a discovery to be accompanied by fanfare and publicity. Russell has heard a recording or Esther's voice, but he has never seen her, and when he arrives in the Ozarks he "discovers" the wrong girl and signs up Judy Hull, daughter of the hillbilly family, instead of Esther.

The mistake is not discovered until Judy and her Pappy arrive in Hollywood, and she becomes Perfection's Public Problem Number One. Because there are no loopholes in her contract, Perfection is obligated to use her, but if they do her hillbilly antics will make them the laughing stock of the industry. Or so they think. But they finally discover a loophole that reads her contract is null and void if she marries before the film is produced. Russell informs Eddie that it is up to him to court and marry Judy so the contract can be voided. But Eddie's plan is to hire Professor De Lemma, a specialist in mind transference, to persuade Judy that she doesn't want to be a movie star and wants to return home to her cows, pigs and chickens. But Judy does want to be a movie star, and Pappy has sold the farm, become a part of the Hollywood colony and is playing polo with producers named Darrell.

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