TRANSLANTIC MERRY-GO-ROUND starring Jack Benny, Patsy Kelly, Gene Raymond and Nancy Carroll

This little gem of a movie is getting harder and harder to find. It is almost 70 years old. All of the stars in this film may have been well known then but they, except for Jack Benny, are almost all unknown to viewers today. This is one of those clever murder mysteries the combine plenty of comedy.

The story is centered around a well known actress and a thief that fall in love on the cruise. She has connections to a crime boss and is trying to protect her criminal brother from the same crime boss he owes money to. The thief begins by stealing on board the boat and swindles and steals from just about everybody he sees along with his partner who works on ship as a steward. A police detective on vacation begins to figure what the thief is up to and later on attempts to solve the murder of the crime boss. In the end all the loose ends are tied up and the thief and the actress resolve their differences and move forward with their relationship.
The story is good and the support cast is great. Jack Benny plays a well know radio personality that is providing the ship board entertainment along with the rest of his cast and staff. He is the quick witted, street smart good guy that has everyone pegged and helps to direct the other passengers in the right direction.

THANKS A MILLION starring Dick Powell, Fred Allen and Patsy Kelly

Thanks a Million is a 1935 20th Century Fox musical film . It was nominated for the Academy Award for Sound in 1935. Entertainers enter a political rally to get out of the rain and become part of the show. One of them (Powell) gives a speech in place of the besotted candidate  and is chosen to be the candidate by backers he later exposes as crooks.

A show troupe is engaged by Judge Culliman, who is running for Governor, to enhance his political campaign. When the inebriated Judge has to be replaced in doing his campaign speech by the troupe crooner. . Sensing a quick-buck opportunity, the show's manager (Fred Allen) offers to entertain on the politician's behalf. The upshot of all this is that Powell, rather than the political hack, becomes the party's candidate for governor!  There are plenty of laughs and lively music to make this a viewing delight.

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