MOVIE MEMORIES - Triple Feature - Plus Bonus

This is a wonderful TRIPLE FEATURE DVD that includes some very rare films, so take a look! Plus a bonus feature you'll love the special CLIFFHANGERS!


KELLY THE SECOND - Lunch counter manager Molly Kelly (Patsy Kelly) gets into an altercation with truck driver Cecil Callahan (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) that lands Callahan in jail. After seeing his fighting skills, though, Molly and her boss, Dr. Klum (Charley Chase), decide to turn him into a prizefighter. 1936 - BW - 70 Minutes


THE FABULOUS JOE - Milo Terkel's life is never the same after he is willed a dog named Joe. Milo buys his wife a diamond necklace for their anniversary, but when he returns home he finds a note saying she is attending a charity affair. He decides to celebrate alone, taking Joe along for company. After two "mystery gardenias" at the Florida Club, he meets gorgeous Miss Gilmore who spots the necklace and asks to try it on. Milo is punched in the nose by Miss Gilmore's boyfriend, Louie. But Milo's troubles really begin when his dog starts to talk to him, and ONLY to him! He tells Milo to act tough, like Humphrey Bogart. It's a laugh-a-minute as Milo changes from lamb to lion and is innocently caught by his wife with the shapely Miss Gilmore. When his wife sues for divorce he tells the judge about Joe being his advisor. The judge can only suggest that Milo and his wife take a long vacation to work out their problems. Everyone knows a dog simply can't talk! 1947 - BW - 69 Minutes          


WINNER TAKE ALL - Boxer Joe Palooka (Joe Kirkwood Jr.) has his mitts full with crooked gamblers and a war buddy's younger brother (Stanley Clements). 1948 - BW - 64 Minutes.


CLIFFHANGERS - A documentary about the Republic serials of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, hosted by Leonard Maltin, and featuring interview segments with a serial writer, director, actors and actresses.

Movie Memories, Kelly the Second, Fabulous Joe, Winner Take All
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