Porky Pig 101 - Cartoon Collection

Thats NOT all, folks! Warner Bros. first cartoon superstar, everyones favorite pantless porcine, Porky Pig, takes center stage. From his humble beginnings as the breakout star of a schoolhouse talent show in I Havent Got a Hat to his slimmer, slaphappy sidekick stage alongside Daffy Duck in Porky Pigs Feat, across Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, in two-strip Technicolor and scintillating black and white, Porkys ascent from rascally school gang member to superstar spokespig is fully on display in this 5-disc, 101-cartoon (plus some bonuses) collection. Presented in chronological order, with key commentaries by noted animation scholars and superfans on select shorts of significance, this tome contains all the toons you need to become a true professor of Porky Pig-ology.

Porky Pig Cartoos
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