Seaway is a drama series that aired from 1965 to 1966. Seaway followed the adventures of Nick King, played by Stephen Young, who works as the ship owners agent and Department of Transport agent Leslie Fox (Austin Willis), and the special police force patrolling the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Although officially Canadian, many of the show's writers and directors were American (as was the series creator/script supervisor Abraham Polonsky). It was the most expensive series produced in Canada to that time with a total cost of $3 million, and although it did well enough for the CBC in terms of viewers a hoped-for sale to American network television never happened (because the series, with the exceptions of the two-part episodes "Don't Forget to Wipe the Blood Off" and "Gunpowder and Paint," was shot in black and white and US network shows by that time were, with a few exceptions, in color).


EPISODE TITLES: "Shipment from Marseilles" - "Last Voyage" - "Border Incident" - "What the Rats Knew" - "The Only Good Indian" - "34th Man" - "The Provocative Mademoiselle" - "Bonhomme Richard" - "Bonhomme Richard #1” - "Bonhomme Richard  #2" -  "Abraham's Hand" - "Mutiny"- "A Medal for Mirko" - "Port of Call: Paradise" -  "Trial by Fire" - "The Wharf Rat" - "Over the Falls" - "Maria" - "The Sparrows" - "Ghost Ship" - "Dead Reckoning" - "Billy the Kid" - "The Viking" – “Hot Line” - "The Viking #1" - "The Viking #2" - "The Last Free Man" - "Sinking of the Elizabeth Rainey" – “Sinking of the Elizabeth Rainey" - "Rx for Murder" - "Don't Forget to Wipe the Blood Off, Part One" - "Don't Forget to Wipe the Blood Off, Part Two" - "Gunpowder and Paint, Part One" - "Gunpowder and Paint, Part Two. BEAUTIFUL QUALITY – A SET YOU WILL TRULY FIND EXCITING

Seaway - Complete Series
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