This rare collection includes the original Tailspin Tommy serial and two rare films as describe below. Excellent quality film transfers from Nostalgia Merchant. THIS IS A 4 DVD SET shipped directly from the manufacturer.

TAILSPIN TOMMY SERIAL (1934) Tailspin Tommy Original Serial (1934) Two cargo airlines clash over a government mail contract. "Tailspin" Tommy, a young mechanic, gets a job with Three Points Airlines, who win the contract. Their opponents resort to sabotage in order to have the contract for themselves. Starring Maurice Murphy and Noah Berry, Jr. And HEY, this feature includes the original serial trailer. INTERACTIVE MENUS for chapter selection are you can play all the chapter on each disc in sequence.

Danger Flight (1939) Hey , this movie is right up there with Hop Harrigan. It’s loaded with suspense, has the ole’ fly the airplane through the storm no visibility stuff. Starring John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds and Milburn Stone. EXCITING ACTION!

Sky Patrol (1939) Tailspin Tommy is back! After enjoying Danger Flight, he’s back for more action and adventure in ‘Sky Patrol.’ Starring John Trent and Milburn Stone.

Tailspin Tommy was the first serial to be based on a comic strip. From 1936 to
1945, Universal made more serial adaptations of comic strips than both of
their rivals, Columbia and Republic, combined. Jimmy Allen was a rival radio
serial character to the Tailspin Tommy newspaper strip.

Tailspin Tommy Collection - Rare Classic Movies
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