Along the Rio Grande

When Jeff, Smokey, and Whopper try to help their boss Pop Edwards, they find themselves in jail for robbery and Pop murdered. They know Doc Randall is the culprit and when Doc's men break one of his henchman out of jail the three go with him. They join Doc's gang across the border and their objective now is to get Doc to re-cross so he can be arrested. 1941 - BW - 64 Minutes.

Wild Horse Mesa

Two cowboys go to work for a rancher and his beautiful daughter. Together they search for wild horses. When they find the horses, a rival rancher offers to purchase them, but during the transaction he murders the good rancher. The rival rancher is soon killed by one of his own men, and he in turn is killed by the wild horse who is the leader of the herd. 1947 - BW - 61 Minutes

Under Tonto Rim

When the Tonto Rim gang attack Brad's stagecoach, they take the strongbox and kill one of his workers. Learning the gang member Patton is in jail, Brad goes undercover to get the gang who killed his driver. 1947 - BW - 61 Minutes.

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