CAUGHT PLASTERED - Bert and Robert are out of work Vaudeville comedians bumming their way through life when they run into a sad little old lady who owns a down-on-its-luck drug store. They feel sorry for her and decide to help her out, creatively. However a local do-gooder (I never really trusted the type) wants to quickly buy the drugstore for his own purposes. And if you think he looks like Jason Robards Jr., he should because it's his father! Dorothy Lee, the cutest cupie doll since Betty Boop, sweetens this concoction by being not only the police chief's daughter, but the object of both Bert and Mr. Robards Sr.'s affection. Will the boys save Granny? Will Bert & Dorothy sing a duet? Will they all stay sober? 1931 - BW - 68 Minutes.


HIPS, HIPS, HOORAY - Another little gem from the mad 30s boys of RKO as this frenetically paced oddity takes us from flavoured lipsticks to a mad Keystone-like car race in the space of just over an hour. Alongside cigar-chomping Woolsey and irritating little Wheeler we have Dorothy Lee (as per usual) and Thelma Todd playing the cutie romantic interest parts, and a short song right at the beginning from third-billed Ruth Etting (in a rather fetching hat). 1934 - BW - 68 Minutes.


PEACH-A-RENO - After a quarrell at their 25th wedding aniversery, Joe and Aggie Bruno decide to divorce each other, and both leave for Reno. So do their daughters Prudence and Pansy, but they want to get their parents back to gether. Joe and Aggie, accidentally, are becoming clients at the same lawfirm, Wattles and Swift, which is the biggest and most succesful in town. But being on the opposide sides in the same case is not the only problem for Wattles and Swift, the cocurring lawfirm Jackson, Jackson, Jackson and Jackson, has started a price war and one of its member has just been appointed judge, furthermore, there's Ace Crosby, whose ex-wife got her divorce with the help of Wattles and Swift, who vowed to shoot Wattles for this. The Bruno daughters meanwhile have fallen in love with the lawyers, and now they are trying to prevent the divorce. In a crazy court session they try all their tricks. Can you say WILD FLICK!

Wheeler and Woolsey Triple Feature
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