ON THE RUN - Model prisoner Frank Stewart, convicted for burgulary, escapes from prison with the help of Jock Mackay, an associates for his boss Wally Lucas, who plans to track down Stewart to know the location of stolen bonds.

RETURN TO SENDER - a business magnate is caught cutting shady deals by a DA. For revenge, the evil industrialist hires a thug to destroy the lawyers life.


MAN WHO WAS NOBODY - Hazel Court is a sexy private detective, summoned to solve the murder of a jewel thief. For a while it looks as though the man who hired Hazel, the thief's brother, may himself be the murderer.

PARTNERS IN CRIME - In this drama, based on a story by Edgar Wallace, a prominent business man is robbed and killed


CROSSROADS TO CRIME - Tired of being constantly ignored by his superiors, a young cop takes it upon himself to expose a ring of hijackers. To get close to the culprits, he pretends to accept a bribe from the truck thieves.

MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE - a prison inmate escapes and discovers that his partner has married the very cop that arrested him and has used the robbery loot to open a coastal resort.

SET #14

FLAT 2 An innocent architect stands accused of killing a professional gambler. Now only his lawyer can save him. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that he may be better off defending himself.

20,000 POUND KISS - The film jams quite a lot of plot into its 57 minutes, starting off with an extortion scheme. A man of limited means is told to ante up 20,000 pounds or face public exposure as a philanderer. Murder inevitably follows.

SET #15

NEVER MENTION MURDER - A surgeon seeks his revenge on his unfaithful wifes lover by convincing him that he must have a deadly heart operation -

INCIDENT AT MIDNIGHT a doctor loses his medical license after his addiction to drugs is discovered. Trouble ensues when he sees an ex-Nazi who is secretly leading the local drug ring.

SET #16

PLAYBACK - a wicked seductress uses her wiles on a weak-willed cop and persuades him to kill her husband so they can collect the insurance.

NEVER BACK LOSERS - An insurance investigator looks into the mystery surrounding the "accidental" death of a jockey. He finds that the death was actually caused by a gambling ring.

THE MAIN CHANCE - a former RAF pilot is hired to fly a suspicious package from France to England. Trouble ensues when the pilot decides to keep it for himself without realizing that his employer anticipated his treachery and planted a bomb on the plane.

SET #17

DEAD MANS CHEST - To prove the fallability of circumstantial evidence, reporter John Thaw fakes the murder of a colleague. He then plants all the clues to point to himself.

RICOCHET  - Solicitor Alan Phipps formulates a plan to blackmail his wealthy and unfaithful wife, Yvonne, and at the same time, get revenge against her boyfriend, John Brodie, by setting him up to appear that he is the blackmailer and for Yvonne to kill him.

THE DOUBLE - two friends go to Africa, but only one returns. That one, believing his partner dead, assumes his pal's identity in hope of getting his inheritance. Meanwhile the true heir survives. When the imposter discovers that the heir is still alive, he plots his death.

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