THE CRIME OF DR CRESPI starring Erich Von Stroheim -

One of several Liberty productions picked up for release by Republic, The Crime of Dr. Crespi is a modern-dress adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's The Premature Burial. Erich Von Stroheim stars as brilliant surgeon Dr. Anton Crespi, who seeks revenge against Ross (John Bohn), the man who stole his sweetheart away. When Ross is brought into the hospital E.R. for a crucial operation, Crespi is handed a golden opportunity to get even. Ross seemingly dies on the operating table, but in fact Crespi has administered a powerful drug that places his old enemy in a deathlike trance. Fully conscious and aware of what is happening, Ross is buried alive, but not before Crespi has some fun taunting his helpless victim. Meanwhile, Crespi's associate Dr. Arnold suspects that something is amiss, and with the help of Dr. Thomas (Dwight "Renfield" Frye in a rare non-lunatic role) he exhumes Ross to perform an autopsy. The "corpse" quickly revives?and then??AAAAAH!!!! 

THE CRIME OF DR HALLETT - starring Ralph Ballemy

- This medical melodrama, set in the moist Sumatran jungles, centers around bacteria research. To find a cure for red fever, a dreaded disease, a young doctor with a healthy Park Avenue clientele, leaves his practice and ventures into the jungle. The native doctors do not welcome his to Sumatra as they are already researching for a cure. The New York doctor is given only small, meaningless tasks. Still he continues his research independently in a small jungle clearing. He finally succeeds and finds a cure. Unfortunately, he himself is infected by the disease. The other doctors inject him with their cure which has no effect. The doctor dies. Afterwards his rivals find his notes. They feel badly about their treatment of him and they decide to continue his research. To pay for it, they forge $4,000 worth of his travelers checks. They hire a new assistant, and she falls in love with one of them. Later, the late doctor's wife appears. She is angry and accuses the researcher of fraud and murder. Then she gets sick.

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