SINISTER FEARS - Classic Movies


It all begins when a group of people assemble at the home of a millionaire who has brought in a mysterious man to conduct a séance. The entire group are shocked to find that the millionaire has been murdered during the séance and one of the group is the murderer. This will keep you guessing till the exciting conclusion.


our second feature and is a haunting story staring DeForest Kelley and Paul Kelly. It begins when a man awakes from a bad nightmare. In his dream he finds himself in a room full of mirrors where he commits a murder with a strange woman. But was it really a dream? When he finds evidence that could mean it was all real he goes to his brother in law for help. Later, during a bad storm they both go to a mysterious mansion where he finds a room full of mirrors just like in his dream. Great suspense in a story taken from a story called NIGHTMARE

SINISTER FEARS - Classic Movies
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