THE GOOD HUMOR MAN starring Jack Carson

This is one of the funniest movies in the Columiba “CAREER” movies (The Fuller Brush Man, The Fuller Brush Girl, etc). Biff Jones (Jack Carson)  is a driver/salesman for the Good Humor ice-cream company.  He bumbles his way through one complicated mess after another and his hobby is being a good member in standing of THE CAPTAIN MARVEL CLUB.  

 He hopes to marry his girl Margie (Lola Albright), who works as a secretary for Stuart Nagel (George Reeves), an insurance investigator. Margie won't marry Biff, though, because she is the sole support of her kid brother, Johnny. All she wants is for Biff to become a success at something

THE MAN FROM THE DINERS CLUB – starring Danny Kaye

Heavy on slapstick and light on the more subtle forms of humor, this comedy is still an amusing junket with Danny Kaye at the forefront as Ernie Klenk, a bumbling employee of the Diner's Club credit card company. Ernie has his hands full trying to manage the new computers (maybe they were all new at this point in time) and a bullying boss. His job is to okay the credit line of new customers and after he does just that with Foots Pulardos (Telly Savalas) he may have made his last serious mistake. Foots is facing trial for tax evasion and when he discovers that he and Ernie have an odd physical trait in common, he hits upon a scheme to fake his own death by immolating most of the hapless employees and then escaping the country disguised as Ernie.

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