IRON HORSE starring Dale Robertson & Gary Collins

JUST UPDATED - NEW RELEASE - The Iron Horse is an action packed American Western television series that appeared on ABC from 1966 to 1968. It featured Dale Robertson as fictional gambler-turned-railroad baron Ben Calhoun. Costars included Gary Collins, Robert Random and Ellen Burstyn.
After winning the railroad in a poker game, Ben must try to complete the construction of the Buffalo Pass, Scalp Lock & Defiance Railroad with the help of Dave, the construction engineer. Each episode he must fight 1880s Indians, bankers and bad guys to complete the line.
Much of the external footage involving trains was shot on the historic Sierra Railroad in and around Jamestown and Sonora, California. This series was so popular at the time that they even had a comic book and other franchise merchandise.   Very nice quality, on most of these episodes. We've included some lesser quality episodes on Disc 10 labeled as a Bonus Disc. Rod Cameron, Tim Hutton, Victor Jory and Pat Conway all guest Star. 10 DVD-R set.

Disc 1

Scalplock - Premier Movie
(include here because it sets up the entire series)
The Dynamite Driver
High Devil
Right of Way Through Paradise

Disc 2

The Pride of the Bottom of the Barrel
Broken Gun
Cougar Man
War Cloud
No Wedding for Tony

Disc 3

The Man From New Chicago
Explosion at Waycrossing
Through Ticket to Gunsight
Town Fun of Fear
Big Deal

Disc 4

A Dozen Ways to Kill a Man
Welcome For the General
The Pembrooke Blood
Volcano Wagon

Disc 5

The Bridge at Forty-Mile
Shadow Run
Banner With a Strange Device
The Red Tornado
The Passenger

Disc 6

The Execution
Death by Triangulation
The Golden Webb
Sister Death

Disc 7

Consignment, Betsy the Boiler
Gallows for Bill Pardew
Five Days to Washtiba
The Silver Bullet
Grapes of Grass Valley

Disc 8

Leopoards Try, But Leopards Can’t
The Return of Hode Avery
Four Guns to Scalplock
Steel Chain to a Music Box
Six Hours to Sky High

Disc 9

T is for Traitor
Dealer’s Choice
Wild Track
Death Has Two Faces
The Prisoners

Disc 10 - Bonus Disc

Dry Run to Glory - last episode of the series.


Rails Run West - This Season One - Episode 1. The story line is pretty much the same as Scalplock - the Movie Premier.
We felt the movie was a better opening film for this series.

Joy Unconfined - Season unknown, but again it’s the same story line as Rails Run West, with just a little different spin.

BONUS EPISODE - with quality issues

Decision at Sundown - This is Season One - Episode 23. We’ve made every effort to color correct and improve this episode.

IRON HORSE starring Dale Robertson
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