70,000 WITNESSES stars Charlie Ruggles and Johnny Mac Brown. A football teams star player drops dead in front in front of 70000 people just before making the winning touchdown.
This "gimmick" murder mystery begins during a crucial college football game. Wally Clark (Johnny Mack Brown), the team's star player, is killed just before making the winning touchdown, as the titular 70,000 witnesses look on.

Wally's teammate Buck Buchanan (Phillips Holmes), the younger brother of gambler Slip Buchanan (Lew Cody), had previously refused to drug Wally at Slip's bequest. Even so, when Wally drops dead, the leading suspect is poor Buck. It's up to bibulous reporter Johnny Moran (Charles Ruggles) and Wally's sister Dorothy Clark (Dorothy Jordan) to save Buck before local detective Dan McKenna (David Landau) railroads the boy into the electric chair.

DANGEROUS TO KNOW. Anna May Wong along with Lloyd Noland, and Anthony Quinn Racketeer Steve Recka (Akim Tamiroff), art patron and political power-maker, rules his town and Madame Lan Ying (Anna May Wong), his
beautiful Oriental friend and hostess (read:mistress), with an iron hand.

He meets Margaret Van Kase (Gail Patrick), a socialite not impressed by his power nor his wealth, having no money herself, and Steve makes  frantic efforts to win her and turns away from the loyal Lin Yang. Margaret ignores him as she plans to wed Philip Easton (Harvey Stephens), a
penniless bond salesman. The furious Recka, poses as a friend to Easton, while planning to ruin him.

is henchmen kidnap Easton when he is carrying a large assignment of bonds, and he is branded as a runaway thief. The only doubters are Margaret and Police Inspector Brandon (Lloyd Nolan), who knows Recka's methods and suspects foul play. Easton is found in an abandoned house and arrested as the gangsters have taken the bonds and tipped the police where to find him. Recka offers to clear Easton if Margaret will become his bride and, while her hatred for Recka is intense, her love for Easton is greater and she consents. Recka, however, has reckoned without Lan Ying.

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