THE NINTH GUEST   Eight people, many of them strangers to one another, are summoned to a ritzy Manhattan penthouse apartment by an unidentified host. Once everyone has arrived, the servants are dismissed and all the doors and windows are automatically locked. The unseen host's voice is then heard emanating from a radio loudspeaker, explaining that all of the guests are old enemies of his, and that all are doomed to die this very evening! A couple of foolhardy souls try to escape, only to be electrocuted by one or another of the mysterious host's booby traps. Who is the "hidden" murderer --- and whoooooo will survive? Remarkably similar to Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians (which hadn't been written yet!),

NINE GIRLS    Nine Girls stars several the loveliest contract actresses as sorority sisters at an exclusive California college. None of the girls is fond of nasty student Anita Louise--in fact, sometime dislikes her enough to kill her. Police detectives William Demarest and Willard Robertson are called in to solve the mystery, and as in most films of this type, there are plenty of suspects to choose from. The solution of the crime will be obvious to hardened movie buffs, simply by checking out the name of the film's top-billed actress. For the record, the Nine Girls of the title are Anita Louise, Evelyn Keyes, Jinx Falkenberg, Leslie Brooks, Lynn Merrick, Miss Jeff Donnell (as she was usually billed), Nina Foch, Marcia Mae Jones, and Shirley Mills

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