A TRAGEDY AT MIDNIGHT  with John Howard Keye (Charlie Chan’s number one son) Luke and Roscoe Karns
There was nothing like the light hearted comedy mysteries of the 30’s.
In this mystery, a married pair of sleuths enjoy solving the cases that stump the cops.  The husband uses his popular radio show to solve the crimes which does not endear him to the police.  The pair end up being chased by the cops after they go to a friends apartment and find the occupant slain.  During their fight, the two bicker a bit and go to find the culprit

I Am the Law is arguably the best of the late-1930s films inspired by the racket-busting career of New York district attorney Thomas E. Dewey. Edward G. Robinson switches to the right side of the law as the Dewey counterpart, here named John Lindsay (!) A feisty, no-nonsense law professor, Lindsay is approached by a group of concerned citizens to act as special prosecutor to rid up their (unnamed) state of big-time lawbreakers. He wastes no time taking charge, storming into the prosecutor's office and firing anyone whom he suspects of being "on the take." With the help of his dedicated law students, who work alongside him for free, Lindsay purges the local government of such corrupt influences as Eugene Ferguson (Otto Kruger), the outwardly respectable "brains" behind the rackets.

The Law at Midnight - Classic Movies
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