STRANGE CRIMES - Classic Movies

GHOST CAMERA - staring Ida Lupino -  A man is falsely accused of murder. Luckily for him, a picture was taken of the murder. Unluckily for him, the camera had been thrown out of the window to destroy the evidence. Luckily, it landed in a passing car, so the evidence was not destroyed. Unluckily, they don't know where it went from there. A lot hangs on in this set of bizarre circumstances in a chase to find the evidence that will clear his name.

CRIME OF THE CENTURY - starring Gene Hershold & Stu Erwin
This unique thriller chronicles the exploits of a doctor who will do almost anything to please his young, second wife. She wants more money. He arranges to get it by hypnotizing a bank official and making him extract $100,000 from the vault. The doctor then plans to murder him and then rob him. Before he acts, the physician comes to his senses and confesses his scheme to the police. He then swears he will have the bank officer return the cash. Unfortunately, the bank official is killed and robbed. The doctor, who had come to hypnotize him, is found unconscious. Someone chloroformed him. At this point the movie grinds to a halt and an intermission is inserted. It's purpose is to allow the viewer one minute to look back upon the clues and try to solve the murder. A clock ticks off the seconds, and the characters and clues quickly flash across the screen. It is still very difficult to determine "whodunit" until the very end of the picture

STRANGE CRIMES - Classic Movies
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