The Caribbean Mystery is a remake of Mr. Moto on Danger Island (1939)-which in turn was a remake of Murder in Trinidad. James Dunn stars as Mr. Smith, a Columbo-like Brooklyn detective who pops up on a tropical island to track down some missing geologists. In his own shambling, easygoing manner, Mr. Smith uncovers an elaborate murder scheme fomented by a self-styled jungle "boss" who kills anyone who threatens his domain. Our hero must survive bullets, alligators and quicksand before he can collar the miscreant. All three versions of this steamy melodrama were based on a novel by radio commentator John W. Vandercook.


Despite a short run time this is a breezy, effective British mystery. A Scotland Yard Inspector (Anthony Hulme) is on holidays with his friend, a newspaper reporter. The two come into a small village for rest and refreshments before continuing their holiday. Their peace is disturbed when a villager runs into the local pub declaring the owner of a nearby mansion has been murdered.

The two quickly journey to the mansion and find that there is no corpse to suggest a murder. The local authority in charge of the investigation is not up to the task, prompting the Scotland Yard man to stick around. Hulme's first goal is to learn if a murder actually occurred. There are enough clues present to suggest this is so, so now the detective turns his attention to finding the corpse.

Step by step, Hulme first finds the corpse, then he unveils the motive for murder and ultimately the killer. All nicely done against a backdrop of eccentric rural characters.

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