THE GIRL IN LOVER’S LANE-  TV star Brett Halsey is the lead in The Girl in Lover's Lane.     Two young men come into a small town. They both come from wealthy families and are attempting to run away from home.  Bix (Halsey) becomes involved with local tease Carrie (Joyce Meadows). Shortly afterward, Carrie is murdered, and Bix is held responsible and a lynch mob is organized.  . The actual killer is feeble-minded Jesse (Jack Elam).

THE MISSING JUROR -  Jim Bannon, fresh from his radio success on I Love a Mystery, stars in this taut suspenser. The jurors of a celebrated murder case are being bumped off one by one. Now only six jurors are left, and one of them has disappeared, whereabouts unknown. Bannon must find the missing juror before the killer does. The cast includes Janis Carter (menaced) and George MacReady (menacing). The Missing Juror was an excellent post-grad course for future "cult" director Bud Boetticher.

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