THE WORLD GONE MAD STARRING Pat O’Brien, Neil Hamilton & J. Caroll Naish

A fast paced action drama featuring Pat O’Brian as a hard drinking¸ woman chasing reporter who is on a first name basis with everyone from the District Attorney to mob chiefs and down to hit men on the street. The story opens with a corporate bigwig contracting with the local mob chief (Louis Calhern) to have the District Attorney killed. The newly appointed District Attorney¸ who happens to be engaged to one of the corporate bigwigs’ daughter¸ and¸ is¸ of course a friend of Pat O’Brian. From here it is a race to expose the wicked corporation¸ in a sort of 1933 Enron scandal¸ and to keep the new District Attorney alive

SALTY  O”ROURKE   Starring Alan Ladd & William Demarest

The tumultuous world of horse-racing provides the backdrop of this drama. Directed by Raoul Walsh, Salty O'Rourke features the exploits of luckless gambler Salty O'Rourke (Alan Ladd) and his pal Smitty (William Demarest), who are indebted to a bookie and deeply in need of a fast dollar. Desperate to score some cash.

Salty and Smitty pool their money and buy a bargain race horse. The horse's cheap price tag was due to the fact that it can only be ridden by one jockey, who unfortunately has been banned from riding on US tracks. The jockey, Johnny Cates (Stanley Clements), agrees to use the birth certificate of his adolescent brother in order to fool the race track officials. Unfortunately due to a love triangle Johnny is determined to cross O’Rourke and throw the race.

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