EDGAR WALLACE - Volumes 6 - 10

SET #6
TIME TO REMEMBER - a real estate agent begins looking for a jewel thief's stashed loot. He must find it before the robber's widow and other criminals find it first. THE SINISTER MAN - an Oxford archaeologist is murdered while investigating the Kytang Wafers. Not only is he killed, the wafers are also stolen. A Scotland Yard detective learns that the perpetrator is a Korean-war vet who is working with a Kytang diplomat. The diplomat is preparing to kill the vet. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD - A police detective succumbs to a seductive beauty who convinces him to help murder her husband so she can collect on his insurance policy.

SET #7
WHO WAS MADDOX -  a rivalry within a publishing house turns deadly when theft and blackmail get involved.  SOLO FOR SPARROW  - a small-town detective solves the puzzling jewelry store heist that caused the death of the owner's wife who worked there.
FACE OF A STRANGER - When Vince Howard is released from prison, he impersonates his cellmate (still in prison) and goes to live with his cellmate's wife, who is blind, in the hopes of learning where money from a robbery has been hidden.

SET #8
THE PARTNER - a movie mogul and a beautiful Asian actress set up a major swindle
MAN DETAINED -  a burglar, arrested for possessing counterfeit money, is forced by the police to pose as a decoy to attract a ruthless killer who has murdered a photographer and is holding a secretary hostage MAN AT CARLTON TOWER - the trouble begins when a Rhodesian jewel thief kills a policeman and simply disappears.

SET #9
ATTEMPT TO KILL -  Scotland Yard inspector Minter is on the trail of a ruthless gang of confidence tricksters. The scam artists' latest target is a London businessman, whom they plan to kill if he doesn't fork over his dough. ACT OF MURDER - an actor who still carries a torch for his ex-mistress even though she is now happily married. With cold-blooded resolve, the actor conducts a campaign to drive Bate to a nervous breakdown. Instead, the distracted husband is driven to commit murder. CANDIDATE FOR MURDER - a jealous husband hires a killer to murder his supposedly unfaithful wife. He suspects her of having an affair. The usually cold-blooded hit man first agrees to the assignment, but he soon becomes convinced that Helen is innocent of any wrongdoing. BACKFIRE - A business partner, desperate to milk some kind of profit from his failing cosmetics business, turns to arson with deadly results when he inadvertently immolates his partner while trying to destroy the factory. He then gets greedy and decides to do the same thing to his late partner's lovely daughter.

SET #10
ACCIDENTAL DEATH -  Someone wants to kill the male "protector" of toothsome Jacqueline Ellis in retribution for crimes against society committed during the war. The crime is staged to look like an accident, WE SHALL SEE - Alva Collins , wife of airline pilot Evan Collins, is subjected to the stings of thousands of bees. Whoever was responsible for this knew full well that Alva was allergic to the tiny scourges, thus suspicion immediately falls upon her husband.

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