NOSTALGIA MERCHANT PRESENTS - TV shows you thought you'd never see again!

This is our second release of extremely rare classic TV shows.If you are a fan of old TV shows, especially rare, out-of-print films... you will love these shows.

TV Variety Shows: Extremely rare variety television programs from the 1950s. Only a few of these shows survived on film. Variety shows began to fade from popularity in the early 1970s, when research began to show that variety shows appealed to an older audience that was less appealing to advertisers. Enjoy some TV history with these rare TV classics.

Starring: Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell, Mary Martin, Kay Starr, Tony Bennett, Ray Bolger, Louis Armstrong, George Shearing and many more.

6 Full-Length - one-hour, uncut episodes - Complete with original commercials - 6 - DVD Set

Disc 1
GE Front Row Theater
"Tender is the Night"
Mercedes McCambridge
James Daly
(60 Min)

Disc 2
Ford Star Revue
"Together With Music"
Mary Martin, Noel Coward

(60 Min)

Disc 3
The Chevy Show
Kay Starr
Tony Bennett
George Shearing
Louis Armstrong
(60 Min)

Disc 4
Washington Square
Ray Bolger
Gertrude Gert
Lionel Hampton
(60 Min)

Disc 5
The Comedy Hour
Bob Hope
Marilyn Maxwell
Les Brown
(60 Min)

Disc 6
Sunday Mystery Hour
"The Machine Calls it Murder"
Walter Sleazak

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