Bomba, The Jungle Boy - Complete Movie Collection

From the novels that thrilled millions came a popular 12-film series that swept viewers into the heroic exploits of Bomba, the boy growing up in the wilds. Johnny Sheffield (“Boy” in Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzans) stars, rescuing lost travelers, fighting fierce beasts and vanquishing deadly human foes. Jungle drums say ADVENTURE! 1949-55 – Full-Length features.


BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY (1949 – 70 minutes); BOMBA ON PANTHER ISLAND (1949 – 76 minutes); THE LOST VOLCANO (1950 – 67 minutes); THE HIDDEN CITY (1950 – 71 minutes); THE LION HUNTERS (1951 – 75 minutes); ELEPHANT STAMPEDE (1951 – 71 minutes)

SET #2

African Treasure, Bomba and the Jungle Girl, Safari Drums, The Golden Idol, The Killer Leopard, Lord of the Jungle.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy movies - Vol. 2
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