A Ronald Reagan Double Feature!

ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN - Straight-arrow insurance investigator Eric Gregg (Ronald Reagan) loses his job when his avaricious wife, Nona (Sheila Bromley), gets mixed up with a scam involving a shady loan company that Eric has been investigating. 1938 - BW - 62 Minutes.

GIRLS ON PROBATION - For such an innocent woman, Connie (Jane Bryan) sure does get into trouble a lot. She gets fired from her job at a laundry company when her bad-girl co-worker, Hilda (Sheila Bromley), steals a dress to wear to a party they're both attending. Connie faces legal problems, but her lawyer, Neil (Ronald Reagan), gets her a fair deal. Then Connie moves away, but trouble finds her again -- she's involved in a bank robbery orchestrated by Hilda and her boyfriend, Tony. 1938 - BW - 63 Minutes.

Ronald Reagan Crime Fighter Double Feature
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