Sabotage Agent

British agent Terence Stevenson (Robert Donat) goes undercover in Romania during World War II, using his fluency in the regional languages to pose as Jan Tartu, a member of the elite Iron Guard. On a mission to sabotage a Nazi chemical-weapons factory, he finds that his new identity makes him a target of the same resistance movement that he is trying to aid. Deceiving both the Fascists and the underground, he walks a dangerous line to complete his assignment. 1943 - BW - 102 Minutes

Foreign Agent

Mitzi Mayo (Gale Storm), the daughter of a deceased electrician, holds her father's plans for a valuable filter for a military searchlight. Nazi spy Dr. Werner (Hans Schumm) comes after Mitzi, hoping to steal the blueprints. Turning the tables on her pursuers, Mitzi and her boyfriend, Jimmy (John Shelton), devise a scheme to bug the spies' hideout. Mitzi and Jimmy then discover that the evil gang plans to bomb Los Angeles, and they race to alert the authorities before disaster strikes. 1942 - BW - 64 Minutes.

Come Spy with Me Again - Double Feature
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