Lloyd Bridges Show - TV Series

Considered in retrospect to have been highly innovative, this series became a straight forward anthology series with Bridges hosting the show, much as Ronald Reagan did with the General Electric Theater and Jane Wyman on Jane Wyman Presents. The program featured Bridges' sons, Jeff and Beau Bridges in occasional guest starring roles. The show also featured lots of celebrity guests. 1961-62 - Rarely seen anywhere, this four-disc set contains the following:

Disc One

A Pair of Shoes
El Medico
My Child is Yet a Stranger
A Pair of Boots (with Beau Bridges)

Disc Two

Mr. Pennington's Machine
Just Married
Testing Ground
War Song

Disc Three

Gentleman in Blue (with Jeff Bridges)
Sound of Angels (with Cindy Bridges)
Now Take You, Average Rock
The Scapegoat

Disc Four

My Daddy Can Lick Your Daddy
A Personal Matter
Without Wheat There is no Bread

All from 16mm masters. Contains original network commercials.

The Lloyd Bridges Show - TV Series
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