A HOLE AT MIDNIGHT - Double Feature

TWO RARE MYSTERY-CRIME DRAMAS are included in this double feature:

THE HOLE IN THE WALL- Starring Claudette Colbert  and Edward G, Robinson. Mrs. Ramsey sent Jean Oliver to prison on a false charge. To get even, Jean (disguised as Madame Mystera) plans to kidnap her daughter and turn her into a thief. Love entanglements with a gangster known as "The Fox" and newspaperman Grant complicate her plans. 1929 - BW - 73 Minutes.

THE MIDNIGHT CLUB - Starring Clive Brooks and George Raft. Elegant Colin Grant and his associates are successful jewelry thieves, even unmasked to their victims, their perfect alibis making impossible for the Comissioner police to arrest them. Things are running smoothly until Nick Mason enters the scene -and flirts with Colin's love interest. 1933 - BW - 64 Miniutes

A Hole at Midnight - Double Feature
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