DETOUR - 1945

Detour is a 1945 American film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. Piano player Al Roberts (Tom Neal) is drinking coffee at a roadside diner in Reno, hitchhiking east from California, when a fellow patron plays a song on the jukebox that reminds him of his former life in New York City. He remembers a time when he was bitter about squandering his musical talent working in a cheap nightclub. After his girlfriend Sue Harvey (Claudia Drake), the nightclub vocalist, leaves to seek fame in Hollywood, he sinks into depression. After some anguish, he decides to go to California and marry her; but with little money, he is forced to hitchhike his way across the country. And that's only the beginning of this mystery. Starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage.



Jane and Alan Palmer are driving to a party in the Hollywood Hills when someone in another car throws a suitcase into the back seat of their convertible. They open it and discover packs of cash. They are chased by yet another car, but Jane takes the wheel and easily gets away. Back at their Hollywood apartment, they examine what Alan estimates to be $100,000 in cash. Jane wants to keep the money; Alan wants to take it to the police, but when given the chance to confess to a police officer who pulls him over for failing to use his turn signal, he can't bring himself to do it. They eventually decide to place the suitcase in a locker at Union Station, while they figure out what to do with it. Starring Lizabeth Scott and Don DeFore.

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