FOUR FILMS COLLECTION - Comedy Collection - Vol. 3

Four rare comedy classics in this collection. Long-forgotten films, recently rediscovered.

STOP THAT CAB - Sid Melton stars as a taxi driver dealing with nutty passengers and a nagging wife. Starring: Sid Melton, Iris Adrian, 1951 - BW - 58 Minutes.

MR. WALKIE TALKIE - The boys are back in another misadventure that include reassignment to Korea, an enemy spy and the offer of a Congressional Medal of Honor for Sawyer, if he can control his temper long enough to get it! Starring: William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, 1952 • BW• 65 Minutes.

LEAVE IT TO THE MARINES - Gerald Meek and Myrna McAllister go to city hall to apply for a marriage license. Gerald wanders  into the Marine Recruiting office by mistake and Sergeant Delaney signs him into the Marine Corps. Let’s see what happens now! Starring: Sid Melton, Mara Lynn
1951 - BW - 65 Minutes.

AS YOU WERE - Oh, those Army daze and nights! An infusion of WAC beauties adds to the fun when ex-G.I. "Dodo" Doubleday (William Tracy), now a hotel clerk, impresses Army brass with his memory and considers going back into the military. But recruiting station sergeant Bill Ames (Joe Sawyer), remembering how Tracy jinxed him back in WWII days, begs him not to re-enlist! Starring: Joe Sawyer, William Tracy
1951 - BW - 57 Minutes.

Four Films Collection - Comedy Classics
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