HARBOR COMMAND starring Wendell Corey

Harbor Command was a great police-action series along with lines of STATE TROOPER, HIGHWAY PATROL etc. The action takes place in a large city harbor where Wendell Corey, known as Captain Baxter in the series, finds himself fighting all kinds of crime.
Corey plays an undercover chief of the Harbor Command where if fights all sorts of criminals from dope smugglers and murderers to a wide assortment of villains assisted by his group of uniformed officers. This series ran from 1947 to 1958.

Disc 1
Camphor Tubes
Murder on Pier 7
Boat Bomb

Disc 2
The Bag
Fisherman’s League
Frightened Witness

Disc 3
The Assassin
Final Score

Disc 4
Dead on B Deck
Ransom At Sea
Floating Transmitter

Disc 5
Illegal Entry
Yacht Club
Trapped Pilings

Disc 6
Harbor Mission
Gold Smugglers
Contraband Diamonds
The Big Hoax

Disc 7
The Witness
Killer On My Doorsteps
Date With Eternity
Sunken Gold

Disc 8
Shore Patrol

Disc 9
Ghost Ship
Bum’s Rush
Lover’s Lane Bandits
Lobster Smuggling

Disc 10
Clay Pigeon
The Psychiatrist
Desperate Men

HARBOR COMMAND starring Wendell Corey
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