Tales of murder, intrigue and mystery featuring top-flight acting talent, including Lee Marvin, Mickey Rooney, Robert Duvall and Katharine Ross (in her TV debut). The episode `Rapture at Two Forty' (April 1965) was the pilot for the series `Run for Your Life.' John Williams provided the theme song.

This was one of early televisions first full color series and stories varied with every kind of suspense and mystery your could imagine. Originally sponsored by Kraft it is still one of the best mystery shows of its kind. Here are 2 vols of wonderful tales of ----- S U S P E N S E!


GREEN FELT JUNGLE - Leslie Neilsen, Richard Conte and MacDonald Carey

THE HUNT ? Mickey Rooney

ARE THERE ANYMORE OUT THERE? - Robert Ryan and Katherine Ross

A CAUSE FOR ANGER - Brian Keith and Audrey Totter

A CRUEL AND UNUSAL NIGHT - Ronald Reagan and Scott Marlow

CONNERYS HANDS - Gary Lockwood and Sally Kellerman

KILL NO MORE - Lew Aryers and Julie Adams

STREET CAR DO YOU READ ME? - Martin Milner and Richard Long

HERO FOR OUR TIMES - Lloyd Bridges and John Ireland

DEEP END - Aldo Ray and Tina Louise

A LION AMONGST MEN - James Whitmore and Tommy Sands

LOST LIFE OF EDWARD SMALLEY - James Whitmore and Richard Crenna CHARLIE COULDN'T KILL A FLY - Keenan Wynn, Richard Kiley and Beverly Garland

DOESN'T ANYONE KNOW I AM - Cornel Wilde, Kathryn Crosby and Martha Hyer

THE GUN - Eddie Albert and Dina Merrill

JUNGLE OF FEAR - Robert Fuller, Robert Loggia and Ann Blyth

MY ENEMY THIS TO WIN - Scott Marlowe and Philip Carey

ONE STEP DOWN - Gena Rowlands, Ida Lupino, Leslie Neilsen and Jack Westen

FOUR INTO ZERO - Jack Kelly, Martha Hyer and Robert Conrad


MACHINE THAT PLAYED GOD - Anne Francis and Gary Merrill

LEVIATHAN 5 - Arthur Kennedy and Andrew Duggan

THE LONG RAVINE - Jack Lord and Broderick Crawford

ONE TIGER TO A HILL - Barry Nelson, James Gregory and Diane McBain

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