Edgar Wallace was a British novelist, playwright, and journalist who produced popular detective and suspense stories and was in his time "the king" of the modern thriller. He is the author who created one of the screen's greatest monsters - KING KONG. Wallace's literary output - 175 books, 24 plays, and countless articles and review sketches - have undermined his reputation as a fresh and original writer. In England in the 1920s Wallace was said to be the second biggest seller after the Bible.

SET #4

CLUE OF THE SILVER KEY This Edgar Wallace-based feature headlines Bernard Lee, the beloved 5 of the James Bond pictures. Here Lee is a Scotland Yard inspector, baffled by a seemingly unrelated string of murders. The link between these homicides is the silver key of the title, which yields surprising results.

CLUE OF THE TWISTED CANDLE Ramon (Francis DeWolff) is the Armenian merchant who lives in his mansion outside of London. He has augmented his income over the years by blackmailing his clients. Fearful of retribution, he installs a room in his mansion that is supposedly impenetrable, complete with a hotline to Scotland Yard in the event of a break-in. One by one, Ramon's friends and associates are murdered, as the trail of blood oozes closer to his door. Scotland Yard sends out special agent Meredith (Bernard Lee) at the request of the local police commissioner (A.J. Brown) after the local lawmen are baffled. Meredith must apprehend the killer before he can strike again in this suspenseful crime mystery taken from the novel by Edgar Wallace.

MAN IN THE BACK SEAT In this adaptation of an Edgar Wallace mystery, two youthful hoods try to rob a bookie as he is leaving the track with his daily winnings. Unfortunately, the two find that the fellow has chained the loot to his wrist and they are forced to take him along with the cash.

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